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Legal Documents are required to buy property in India

Real EstateBy Ayuni / 04/02/2020

Legal Documents are required to buy property in India .

After lots of searching, comparing and negotiating you came to a conclusion and finalized your deal. The first step after the deal is to find an answer to the question - what documents are required to buy property in India ?.

Probably most of the buyers don’t get the right documents. Even more not having complete documents property owners or buyers leads to a struggle at the time of selling property. In fact, most of the buyers and Property owners are not aware of each documentation. It plays an important role in the purchasing process, as original or not and sometimes the requirement of documents varies from case to case in each state

There is a list that might be considered as a checklist of documents required to buy a property.

Sales Deed or Checklist of Documents for buying Property

This is the main legal document required which admits the ownership of any property. Below all it refers to the transfer of ownership in favour of Property buyer from Property seller/Owner . For the reason that it’s called legal proof for ownership of property.

  • Mandatory
  • Original
  • Property Buy

Khata Certificate and Extracts

Khata is an account registration as a record in the local municipal office to confirm construction of property , finally as approved plan.

There is two kind of Khata as below

Certificate– It is a mandatory document for registration of new property after paying all taxes. Therefore Khata certificate will need to be present as the name mentioned as owner of the property only. Hence not for any member of the family.

Extracts– This is another document, refers as detail of property as registered format contains name, size, purpose of property (residential/commercial), assessment land.

  • Mandatory
  • Original
  • Property Buy
  • Home Loan Possession Letter

These documents buyers need to have , with a set of date when possession would have been handed over from the developer. Therefore the original copy of this document needs to be in front of the bank while applying for a loan.

Property Tax Receipts

The owner has legal bound to pay tax on property. Similarly that’s why owners make sure that none of the tax pending should be with concerned property before purchasing it . Also tax receipts are also considered as legal ownership of property.

Payment Receipts

The documents required if anyone is buying new property so ask for the original receipt and if the property on resale asks for a copy of the receipt.

Occupancy Certificate

Certainly local authorities ask developers to make sure that property is finally ready to handover as a result of the sanctioned plan.

Encumbrance Certificate

This document shows that there is no pending mortgage or legal due with property . It is one of the key documents which is mandatory for loan approval for the property also . Form 15 needs to have when property is in encumbrance and even that Form 16 needs to have when no encumbrance with property.

Completion Certificate

Finally , this document admits construction of the project is according to approved plan and needs to come in front of the bank when applying for home loan.

Other Documents Required To :

Building plan sanctioned by statutory authority

Most noteworthy , NOC from electricity /pollution department board

Other Necessary Documents

  • First of all building plan sanctioned by statutory authority
  • NOC from electricity /pollution department board
  • Supplementary agreement/ Rectification deed
  • Allotment Letter
  • Sales agreement between seller and owner
  • Finally Construction agreement
  • Demand letter from vendor before disbursement
  • Own contribution receipt along with the bank statement
  • NOC from Society/building associate
  • Valuation report from chartered engineers/architect
  • Approved plan of construction/extension & license for construction
  • Conversion order/Betterment Charges paid receipt
  • Sanctioned layout approval
  • Deed of declaration
  • Latest electricity bill

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