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Keep in mind Before Buying your First home ?

Real EstateBy Ayuni / 23/11/2019

Want to buy your first  home? Get These Things Check Beforehand
Are you a first-time home buyer? Then you must be in a state of confusion with regards to lots of  things like Developers Background,Developers Background, Land Record,Flat’s Carpet Area,Location and Neighbourhood,Check Accessibility,Check Accessibility,Hidden and Additional Charges,Check Payment Plan,Associated Banks You have to check , and many other things. However, in order to avoid last-minute hassles or any future consequences, rechecking all the above things is quite important. So, here’s a checklist which first-time homebuyers must follow to avoid any kind of discomfort and insecurity:

Check Developers/Project Background
It’s easy today for a developer to enter into insolvency, but it’s not easy for a first-time homebuyer to put their hard-earn money into the stressed project. So, it’s better to check the background of the developer beforehand. To do this, one can easily check all the details of the developer of the RERA website. In order to enhance transparency in the Indian real estate sector, the government has made it mandatory for all the developers to enter their information on the RERA portals.

Land Record:
The land on which your Building/flat is built is very crucial. You must research about the soil quality and topography of the land on which the house is constructed. The plot should also be clear of all dues and be registered. Before buying a house, the title deed must be verified and checked in detail. The deed gives all details on the rights, ownership and obligations towards the property.

Flat’s Carpet Area:
Usually, a property’s area or the super built-up area that is listed is the entire area including shafts, elevator space, stairs, thickness of walls and others. However, carpet area is the actual area within the walls of the flat. This are can be 30 per cent lesser than the built-up area or the area used to calculate the price of the property. In some cases, when a floor is shared between two owners, the price of the common spaces are 

Location and Neighbourhood
After checking all the major property related documents and background, it’s time to check the locality and neighbourhood of the project. Always pay a visit to the site location where the project is being developed. Check infrastructural developments like roads, electricity, and water supply, banks and ATMs, grocery stores, local markets, etc. Also, check the property prices in the neighbourhood areas like the cost of the same size and configuration housing unit. This will help you in understanding that if the developer is charging more from you on similar properties.

Check Accessibility
Whether you are single working professional or have a family, it’s important to check that the project's accessibility from major areas, hospitals, entertainment centers, office spaces and above all public transportation systems like buses, metro, railway, airport, etc. The project should not be located on a deserted place where even the basic amenities are quite far.

Hidden and Additional Charges:
Ensure that all the clauses of the documents are read in detail and penalty clauses be understood. The builder is required to pay you a monthly penalty in case you do not receive the flat’s possession within the grace period. Additional expenses such as GST, stamp duty, home loan processing fee, registration charges and all other charges should also be kept in mind.

Check Payment Plan
For a first-time home buyer, it is very important to carefully select a proper payment plan which does not cost them financially. Today, in order to woo customers, developer’s offers attractive payment plans like construction linked, down payment, flexi payment offers, and possession linked plan. But, avoid falling into these traps and research carefully before you opt in any plan.

Associated Banks
In case you are opting for a home loan, do check whether any bank is associated with the property or not. These days due to strict regulations and norms, many banks avoid giving loans to beleaguered developers. So, don’t fall into traps of such developers.

Buying a house is one of the biggest steps in your life, however you must remember each of these points before you seal the deal.